Washington's Last Frontier
Washington's Last Frontier
An Off-Grid Nordic-Themed Homestead In The Washington Wilderness

Articles about wilderness living, health & wellness, traditional foodways, recipes, natural living, praises of the inspiring place we call home, and our journey building a homestead from scratch.



Tiffany Davidson Eric Smith Building A Homestead From Scratch Slowly With Cash Washingtons Last Frontier

My husband and I are working to build a Nordic-inspired homestead in the Washington wilderness slowly with cash and no debt. You can follow the journey here!

I write about:

  • wilderness living

  • our homestead journey

  • health & wellness

  • adventure travel

  • cozy homemaking

  • wild food foraging

  • DIY & craft projects

  • making a living online from home (or anywhere)

  • natural living

  • my own recipes from scratch

  • and much more

My hope is that you will find some nugget of inspiration here.
Thank you so much for stopping in & please come back often. The kettle's always on...

x Tiffany


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