May 2019 Update: Where Are We? What's The Plan?

Tiffany Davidson Eric Smith Washington State Off Grid Homesteading Blog

Hello everyone~

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to those of you who have followed along on this journey so far. I know you were probably expecting more to happen and sooner, but as life goes… priorities shift and we have to make the best decisions we can.

For us, right now, this means living in western Washington (on the Olympic Peninsula) and working to pay off debt, save money, get Eric working online, while I continue growing my online business(es).

Our property in the Okanogan Highlands sits peacefully waiting and we dream about it and miss it every single day.

Oh do we miss northeast Washington!

Washington State is, in my opinion, the most beautiful state. And where we live now is unparalleled in grandeur. Mountains, rainforest, and sea all meet and it is just incredible. I mean, look at these views from our living room window…

Tiffany Davidson Washington State Off grid Homestead
Tiffany Davidson Washington State Off Grid Homestead

The beauty all around us here on the Olympic Peninsula is truly astounding.

But yet… we miss northeast Washington terribly.

NE Washington is a land of extremes — feet of snow for 6 months of the year, summers that are as dry as a tinderbox with roaring wildfires, a place where you have to drive for hours to get what you need, a place where you must always be prepared because there simply aren’t other people around. A place that demands hardiness.

But it is a place of such beauty, and it is a type of beauty that is distinct, a feeling I have not felt anywhere else. There is something in the vastness, the quiet, something embedded in the very landscape that has gotten inside us. We love northeast Washington for the lifestyle it promotes, how it feels like a place lost in time. A place where you can truly feel free.

Tiffany Davidson Washington State Photographer Off Grid Homesteading Blog
Tiffany Davidson washington State Photographer Okanogan Highlands

The problem all along has just been that we are not yet prepared for that kind of lifestyle.

We have to live someplace with Internet because I rely on it for my income, and the local marketplace is just not adequate for Eric to find a good job (without having to drive an hour and a half one way, twice a day to work and back).

So it’s a real conundrum, and one that we have decided to solve by moving away and living a “normal” life for a while.

While we’re over here living this “normal” life, our focus is on making money, paying off personal debt, transitioning Eric to online work alongside me, and I am working on transitioning myself to diversifying with passive income streams.

We’re looking at a two year timeline before we can get back out to northeast Washington and live this homesteading lifestyle we are soooooo longing for.

So you probably won’t see many updates on our homesteading journey on this site for quite a while.

I wanted to let you all know and be straightforward about what’s going on.

I plan to maintain this website, but I’ll be writing more objective posts for a general audience until the time comes to share our homestead progress. The progress we’ll be making over the next year or two is nothing to write about here— no structures or gardens being built, no off-grid water systems being figured out, just working and making money and planning for it all. More “behind the scenes”. Not the most interesting subject matter :)

I think that to live an off-grid homesteading lifestyle in a remote area, online income and passive income are absolutely the best routes to go. So if you’re interested in learning more about working online, you can follow my professional blog where I write a lot about this kind of thing.

Tiffany Davidson Washington State Off Grid Homesteading Blogger

Meanwhile, I will be looking forward to the day that I can show you gardens being built and saunas and cabins too, and tell you about the adventures we’re having far out on our beautiful property. But for now, we must remember that this too is part of the journey. All things take work and time and planning. We must remain steadfast, and we will!

Tiffany Davidson Washington State Photographer Off Grid Homesteading Blog

Wishing you all the very best,

Tiffany (& Eric)



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