The Best Gifts For Outdoorsy Women in 2018

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As an outdoorsy woman myself, I figured I was well-suited for the task of creating a gift guide for other women who spend as much time as they can outdoors - hiking, camping, backpacking, or doing work on the homestead.

I’ve made sure to include a wide range of ideas and cater to all budgets so hopefully you can find something on this list that’s just right, or at the very least - sparks another idea.

These gifts are some of my personal favorites, proven to be useful in the outdoors (and some of them are just plain fun!).


Osprey Aura 65 AG Backpack

If you’re a woman who likes to go backpacking, this is the backpack you have to have.
The engineering is phenomenal, with the woman-specific hip belt dispersing weight evenly, resulting in zero tug on the shoulders. You can carry days worth of camp supplies and it’ll feel like you’re carrying half that. Seriously magical.

Fjallraven Kanken

This is an everyday backpack that I actually use as a purse.
Fjallraven is a decades old Swedish brand that I’ve been loyal to for years that is now starting to become popular in America (especially here in the Pacific Northwest).
These Kanken daypacks come in every color imaginable and are perfect for day hikes, for students, or a purse substitute for us adventurous gals who never know where the day might take us!

Hydro Flask Water Bottle - Stainless Steel, BPA-Free

The most coveted insulated water bottle / thermos on the market right now, and for good reason.
They’re super insulated, keeping cold things cold and hot things hot for 24 hours, with a slip-free grip most stainless steel containers lack, and comes in a wide array of colors.
I love the yellow one!


On The Go Tripod For Smartphones

This compact tripod is perfect for stuffing in your pack with a bendy design that allows you to easily position it on rocks, branches, you name it. Mounting options allow you to shoot horizontally and vertically with your smartphone, no bulky fancy camera equipment needed. Bonus: comes with a wireless remote for the perfect outdoor selfie.

Millie Kromer Hat

The classic Stormy Kromer hat, but made for women (featuring an opening for a ponytail!).
Made mostly out of wool in Michigan (United States).
I love the classic north woods black/red tartan pattern, but there are several color options to pick from.


Enamelware Camp Mugs

Enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee outdoors might be one of the greatest pleasures in the world, atleast for outdoors people. So you need a good camp mug. The classic looking enamelware mugs are all the rage right now, so this is a fail-safe bet for a gift she’ll love.

Fjallraven Women’s Keb Trousers

Hands down, my favorite outdoors pants.
There are two key reasons for this: they’re durable and can handle anything I’m doing, and they look good. I’m not just saying they look good on me, but they look good on pretty much everyone I’ve ever seen wear them. I think this is due to the higher waist and the positioning of pockets.
She. Will. Love. Them.
Here’s proof that I wear them all the time… (with the Fjallraven Women’s Keb Jacket - which is equally awesome).

Fjallraven Women’s Keb Jacket

Just as awesome as the Keb Trousers is the Fjallraven Keb Jacket for women. Performs well and looks good - two very typical features of Fjallraven apparel. I’d say the Keb suit is the archetypal Tiffany outfit - I wear it a lot, and I like it a lot.
My favorite part is the hood - check out the depth of it! You have your own personal cocoon…

Unbreakable Wine Glasses For The Great Outdoors

Because it’s 2018 and we can sip wine from the summit if we darn well feel like it! ;)
These are shatter-proof, stainless steel, and ready to add a little warmth to the next adventure.


Wearable Sleeping Bag

It’s a wearable sleeping bag with holes for arms and feet. Need I say more?
The possibilities are endless.


ENO Hammock

For simple and cozy sleeping under the stars without the hassle of carrying and setting up a tent - weighs only 16 ounces and folds into a 4” x 5” carrying sack. Equally useful on those relaxing afternoons in the backyard or your favorite park, with a hot cup of tea and a good book…

Speaking of books…

Books For Outdoorsy Women & Adventurous Gals

No pack is complete without a good read. And on those days stuck indoors, what better than immersing yourself in someone else’s tales of adventure? Here are my top recommendations for gift-giving; for more ideas feel free to browse My Bookshelf.

Danner Women’s Mountain 600 Hiking Boots

Confession: I don’t actually own these. Yet. But I’m crazy about them. The design mimics the traditional women’s hiking boot - the old clunky brown leather boots with red strings that I remember my mother wearing and the same ones famously related to the film (and book mentioned above) Wild. Except Danner has made them far better with cushioned Vibram soles! I will own these by the end of the year.
Pro tip: These boots paired with the book Wild would be some top-notch gifting!

Inflatable Solar Light

An LED lantern that’s charged by the sun, requires no batteries, and is fully collapsible for easy packing. So you get to your campsite, sit it out in the sun while you go about enjoying yourself, then when night comes and everyone starts to turn in, you can crawl inside your tent (or hammock), turn on your little lantern, and enjoy a book. Life is seriously good.


Portable Camping Stove

If you spend any significant amount of time backpacking or camping, you have to have a camp stove. And this is the best one out there, because it’s so lightweight but also heavy-duty.

Mora Kniv

From food prep to cutting tinder to self-defense to carving around the fire at night… anybody who spends time outdoors needs a good bushcraft knife. Mora knives are Swedish-made since 1891, and for the price point you will absolutely not find a better knife. Comes with a fancy sheath that slides easily onto pants.

Leather Bound Journal

Spending lots of time outdoors allows for reflection. I know personally that some of my best thoughts and ideas come to me when I’m hiking, so I always keep a notepad in my backpack. Having something beautiful to write in makes writing all the more attractive and sacred, this leather bound journal is the perfect pack companion.


Women’s Muck Boots (for all occasions)

Whether I’m hiking, going hunting with my husband, or going outside to work in pouring down rain or several feet of snow, this is the one boot that does me well in every single scenario. Like a knife, I see Muck Boots as one of those essential items that any hardy person should have.

Waterproof Compass

And last but not least - a compass, so she never loses her way.


I hope this gift guide has been helpful to you and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments section below.

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