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Our 6 Favorite Off-Grid & Wilderness Living Documentaries

Maybe off-grid living and wilderness living are lifestyles you simply enjoy watching other people do. 

Or maybe you yourself plan to live off-grid in the wilderness in the future! 

Either way, I think you'll agree that sometimes inspiration is needed. 

There are days when traffic jams and the smell of car exhaust and the heat of inner-city asphalt or the monotonous clocking in and clocking out of daily life get to be just alittle too much. 

We get it. Oh do we get it. 

Having just moved to the wilderness, the memories of fast-paced life in the gray world are still fresh on our heels. 

Watching documentaries about off-grid living, wilderness living, homesteading, old ways, and things of this sort were always a soothing balm for us when we longed for the big quiet wilderness but were stuck in suburbia of eastern America. 

So for anyone else looking to add some fuel to the inspiration fire, here is what we recommend you watch! Pop some popcorn, put on the kettle, and cozy up for a wilderness retreat in your own living room!

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