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My 10 Favorite Cookbooks [Interesting Cookbooks: From Scottish to Nordic, Vegan To Paleo, & Everything In Between] (2019)

At this stage in life, after years and years of special diets, I find myself done with diets. Instead - I just eat real whole foods, and a variety of those.

What does that look like? Fish, eggs, veggies, fruits, grass-fed butter and ghee, raw grass-fed dairy products, sourdough breads, quality olive oil, oats, beans, nuts and seeds, wild game meats like venison and turkey, some grass-fed red meat from time to time, plentiful amounts of herbs and spices (turmeric on everything!), fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha, good clean filtered water, lots of herbal teas, and coffee roasted just down the road from here.

I love learning about what my Scottish and Scandinavian ancestors ate traditionally. I love learning the seemingly lost arts of baking sourdough, of soaking my grains before I use them, and brewing kombucha, to name a few. My kitchen and my cooking now bring joy, rather than guilt or confusion or over-analysis.

I give you this context in advance because my collection of favorite cookbooks is sure to be a miscellany. With the prevalence of diet culture; I know many people want a list of strictly this or that type of cookbook, but I hope you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.

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