Pine Pollen Benefits (For Men & Women)

Pine Pollen Benefits for Men and Women

Pine pollen season has been underway here in the Northwest (pine tip season, too!) so I figure it’s a good time to talk about the incredible array of health benefits of pine pollen and how you can incorporate this wild food into your lifestyle.

There’s a misconception in the health world that pine pollen is primarily beneficial to men, and while this is very true, there are some titillating benefits for us ladies, too!

Read on.

*Disclaimer: This should go without saying, but make sure you’re not allergic to pine before using pine pollen!* And make sure you know how to properly identify a Pine.

What is pine pollen?

Most Pine trees contain both male and female cones on the same tree.

The male cones are relatively small and usually present in the Springtime, though some types of Pines produce male cones in Autumn. A female cone takes anywhere from one and a half to three years after pollination to mature.

Pollen comes from male cones.

Typically, male cones are located on the lower branches of a tree (which makes harvesting a lot easier!).

Each grain of pine pollen contains all of the genetic info of the tree it has grown on. Each little grain actually has tiny (you can’t see them) little wings that help it make it’s way to a female cone. After the pollen lands on the female cone, it grows a little tube that inserts into the center of the female pine cone, and then all of the magic of reproduction commences!

How does pine pollen benefit health?

Pine pollen:

  • …has been shown to have anti-aging effects, especially related to cognition [source]

  • …decreases inflammatory cytokine levels [source]

  • …has anti-tumor effects [source]

  • …is beneficial for liver health [source]

  • …contains important vitamins and trace minerals [source]

  • …contains testosterone [source] and is most popular for achieving and maintaining healthy testosterone levels in men. As testosterone is decreasing overall in society and testosterone decreases in men naturally as they age, working to keep healthy testosterone levels is of vital importance for the male population.

  • …is an androgen, pine pollen is used to keep hormone levels at a healthy balance in both male and female bodies. Anecdotally, women have reported being able to achieve orgasm for the first time, the (real) cervical kind, not just clitoral, after adding pine pollen to their health regimen. This is because pine pollen contains phenylalanine which stimulates dopamine levels in the brain and is an L-dopa precursor, and L-dopa is linked to women’s ability to reach orgasm. [source]

  • …contains over twenty amino acids and is considered a complete protein [source]

Where to source pine pollen?

Forage - Find pine trees that are a good distance from any roads, in the Springtime, and look for yellow catkins. These are the small male cones all covered in yellow pollen. The easiest way to collect the pollen is just to harvest these catkins and take them home for processing.

You can make tinctures, you can infuse honey, or you can just consume the pollen powder straight.

Purchase - Most health food stores offer pine pollen. If your local store doesn’t, no worries! When we run out of local wild-harvested pine pollen, we order bags online. For now, we use this brand because it’s wild-harvested and claims to have cracked the cell walls of the pollen for superior absorption.

How to incorporate pine pollen into your daily health regimen?

You can eat it directly, it has an interesting lumber-like, slightly sweet taste.

We add pine pollen to our morning concoction that we drink first thing, before coffee. This is just a jar of turmeric, ginger, pine pollen, apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon juice, filled with filtered water.

You can add it to your smoothie, your tea, sprinkle over a meal, any way really. Just so long as you get it into your stomach :) Let me know how you consume pine pollen in the comments below!


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