How To Begin Homesteading? Create Passive Income & Work Online! [3 Ideas That You Can Begin Now With No Money]

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Many of us in the homesteading community want to get out of the rat race, move to a rural area (or even the wilderness), grow our food, work on the homestead everyday, and enjoy a simpler way of life.

This is hard to do if you have to commute away from the homestead every day though. You never really get into that homestead state of mind when this is the case.

How to escape the rat race, then? How to wake up and be able to stay on the homestead, working on projects, enjoying our animals, nature, the land, the comfort of home, and our loved ones? That is the question so many of us feel daunted by.

We may get the acres, build the cabin, plant the garden… but, somehow it doesn’t feel complete when we have to leave every single day to go sell our time and get pulled back into that hectic state of mind that is the norm of modern Western industrial society.

We begin to believe it isn’t even possible and this is just the way it is nowadays.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to earn a full-time income without having to leave your home(stead).

And no, you do not have to have some university-granted skill set to be able to do so. In fact, if you are truly motivated and driven to achieve this lifestyle, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to achieve it in one year.

Just think - your life could be completely different this time one year from now. You could be working from home everyday or - even better - not working every day from anywhere, but generating passive income online instead! Freeing you to work on your homestead, on creative projects that are truly fulfilling, spending more time with those you love, and just enjoying a higher quality of life all around.

I know because I did (and am doing) it myself. So I wanted to share some personal advice if this sounds like a path you might be interested in taking yourself.

I’m going to share information about transitioning to working online from home followed by two passive income strategies - all that you can begin working on now!

Teach Yourself A Valuable In-Demand Online Skill So That You Can Work Online From Home or Anywhere

One way to go about this is to transition your career into an online work from home (or anywhere) position.

It doesn’t matter what you do right now for an income - you can 100% teach yourself a valuable skill so that you can work online and make a legitimate income. I know this is possible because I did it.

I taught myself how to design websites. I knew nothing about web design, knew no code, none of that - but I saw that it was in demand on a freelancing platform I was reading through and figured I’d give it a go. Fast forward one year and I’m making a full-time lucrative income as a web designer. The best part? I got paid to learn, rather than paying to learn.

But - this strategy does require drive and self-motivation. I worked full-time while listening to podcasts about self-educating and came home in the evenings and put in several hours designing my first website (for myself). I would’ve much rather gone for a hike or a walk on the bay, but I sat in front of the computer until bedtime. I was setting the foundation for a future I knew I wanted.

Over the months, I kept dabbling and learning and working on projects, then finally it all paid off and started to come together.

I created a profile on a freelancing platform, got my first client, and have not been without work since!

passive income, passive income ideas 2018, passive income strategies, how to create passive income with no money, how to start a homestead, how to begin homesteading, Washingtons Last Frontier, Tiffany Davidson, homesteading blog, off grid blog

The best part is that with every new job I take on, I learn new things (while getting paid) and my portfolio and skill sets continue to grow and grow.

Now I am able to live in a wilderness area with only three people per square mile (as we build a homestead from scratch) and make a full-time income from home (thank goodness for satellites!).

Here’s what I recommend you do: go to a freelancing platform like Fiverr or Upwork and read through the job listings. This will give you an idea of the type of work that’s in the highest demand as well as pay rates. This is the strategy I used to hone in on what I felt I could learn and provide as a service.

JavaScript developers were in high demand and at a very good price point, but I had tried to learn JavaScript before and found it very difficult, so I knew that wasn’t a realistic path for me. I settled on web design using a content management system that I had experience with already.

This isn’t to say that you can’t teach yourself to do something that right now seems impossible to you - in fact, most programmers out there in the world right now are self-taught. Many of them work everyday for big companies like Intel, getting paid six figures, and still feel like imposters. One of my close friends who is a self-taught senior software engineer still laughs and jokes that he essentially gets paid everyday to Google (meaning - he doesn’t know how to do something, so he just Googles until he finds the solution).

Freelancing platforms offer a variety of ideas: web design, writing, graphic design, voiceovers, audio work, etc. etc. Let’s use graphic design as an example - download Adobe Illustrator, go to YouTube and look for “Adobe Illustrator Tutorials” or “adobe illustrator logo design” and start doing these tutorials. Not only do you get experience, but by jumping in and working on actual projects like this, you’re building a portfolio that you can show clients later. Then, market yourself as a logo designer- ta da!

Now let’s talk about passive income.

What is passive income?
”Passive income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.”

In a nutshell: you aren’t selling your time anymore. You get that most wonderful resource back!

BUT… passive income does require a lot of upfront work. Atleast the methods I’m familiar with do.

Guess what, though? If you get started right now, in one year you could have a substantial passive income stream flowing. Imagine the ways this could change your life - freeing your time for other endeavors and removing any need to be location dependent (or live near a populous).

Passive Income Idea #1: Write & Publish E-books

I believe that every human being has a story to tell or something to teach.

Think about what you know well that you could teach - a process, a skill or craft, a cookbook, a travel guide to your area, a natural history of a place you love, how to have a passionate marriage… really the possibilities are endless. Just get creative. (If you suspect you would go the non-fiction route, I recommend reading the book On Writing Well: The Classic Guide To Writing Non-Fiction).

Or - write a story rather than a guide. Maybe something similar to this: Go North Young Man: Modern Homesteading in Alaska which is just a man’s account of his first four years as a homesteader on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula in the 1950’s.

Write what you know. Figure out what knowledge or experience you have that might be valuable or enjoyable to someone else.

Compile your E-book over time with a clear outline and strategy, design it how you wish (I recommend using Canva which is free and easy), turn it into a .pdf and put it on Amazon or on your own blog/website (which I’ll talk about in a second).

Here are some great resources for further brainstorming:

***I would also recommend browsing Amazon’s Bestselling Ebooks. Pay attention to the list of categories under Kindle Ebooks to get ideas for what you could write about.

Passive Income Idea #2: Start A Niche Website / Blog

This is one strategy of mine that I’ve already seen start to pay off, despite being in the very beginning stages.

What is a niche website?
A niche website is a site that focuses on a target audience with common specific interests.

For example:

Honestly - most websites are niche websites, meaning they have identified a target audience and strategize how to provide content to attract that target audience.

This website that you’re on right now, mine, is a niche website. Target audience: homesteaders (fortunately that includes a large array of topics that can be covered - good for me since I have a ton of topics I enjoy writing about!).

How To Monetize A Niche Website / Blog?

There are several different strategies you can use:

  • Affiliate links - these are just links you share on your site and when a visitor to your site clicks a link and ends up making a purchase from the site you’re an affiliate with (Amazon, RStyle, Carhartt, the list goes on and on and on, but most people begin with Amazon), you get a small commission. The commission is tiny - about 3 to 4 percent so the goal is to get a lot of click-throughs and purchases so that your affiliate income grows and grows. How do you get more click-throughs? More traffic to your site. How do you get more traffic to your site? By creating more and more quality content (blogging).

  • Digital Products - It could be Ebooks like we just talked about, online courses, etc.

  • Ads - I don’t use ads, so I can’t speak much on them, but many people rely on ads for a big chunk of their monthly passive income from their niche website.

So no matter what your current situation is, these are all ideas you can begin working on right now.

You might not see financial results until next year, but guess what? Next year will be here before you know it, so why not make steps in the direction of your goals?

I work a full-time job, but here I am, on a Sunday afternoon, creating a blog post which is a single little brick in the passive income house I’m working to build, if you will. I’d much rather be outside doing something away from the computer, but I know that this is work that must be done now so that eventually I do get my time back. (Plus, I really enjoy working on this website so that sure does help!).

I once heard success defined as being anytime you take an action that contributes to your goals. So, success isn’t just in achieving the goal, but in every single small step you take toward it.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions - I’m more than happy to help!



TIffany Davidson passive income, passive income ideas 2018, passive income strategies, how to create passive income with no money, how to start a homestead, how to begin homesteading

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