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From tools and gadgets to hand-cranked kitchen appliances, practical work attire to lovely items to have around the home, the homesteader’s aesthetic combines old ways and useful items, and if you can blend beauty into that combo - even better!

Below is an exhaustive list of ideas for the homesteader in your life. We’ve made every effort to include a variety of items and price points to fit every budget.

If you want even more ideas, click over to our Homesteading Essentials page. You might even find something you like for your own home ;)

Happy homestead gifting!

Your homesteader friend likely knows the value of heirloom seeds versus the hybrid seeds which are alarmingly becoming more commonplace today.

Whether you want to use these to grow a bountiful garden now or save them in case of disaster, having a survival seed bank is a necessity for anyone hoping to grow food for their family or feed themselves if food supply chains were ever to go down.

Because everyone wants to know what walks through the woods at night, but especially homesteaders.

What’s been killing your chickens? What’s making that crazy sound in the middle of the night? What kind of wildlife are passing through so you can plan for hunting season? Trail cams answer all of these questions, plus it’s just exciting to capture images of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Pair this with a high-quality sea salt block and you’ll get glimpses of all kinds of critters, small and large!

This is a gift that every homesteader will appreciate. Garden tools are forever useful.

Nowadays, the tools you buy at big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot are often cheaply manufactured and end up breaking when you get gritty with them.

This set is steel-forged making them heavy duty and enduring.

Set comes with stainless steel multi-tool, trowel, and fork.

Modern candles have been found to infuse the air of your home with artificial fragrances and chemical waxes that actually increase the air pollution inside your home.

Some wicks even contain traces of lead, and lead heated up emits toxic fumes. Craziness!

Pure beeswax candles not only burn longer but they actually purify the air inside your home.

Personally, I keep an entire drawer full of beeswax candles, and most homesteaders I know do the same.

Visiting a friend —who is very intelligent and health conscious-- a couple of years ago, I learned that conventional crock pots have been found to infuse lead into the food!

Heavy metal toxicity is a real problem and can have devastating health impacts, “so what’s the solution?!” I asked her.

Clay crock pots are the solution. Humans have been cooking from clay pots for thousands of years and this seems to be the best way still.

We homestead-y types like to show off our pantry.

From bulk herbs and grains and other dried goods to the wild edibles we harvested ourselves and can’t wait to treat our visitors to.

If you ask us, there is just nothing more pleasing and beautiful than shelves of clear containers, full to the brim of healthy nourishment from the earth.

Socks have been the fallback gift of not knowing what to get someone for a long time. But if you gift your homesteader friend these socks, it’s a whole different story.

These extra heavy SmartWool socks are my favorite sock to work in, hike, or anything that requires a lot of standing and moving.

I bought these last year after a 6-mile hike through the rainforest left my ankles blistered. I limped into the outdoor apparel store looking for the thickest barrier I could find to put between my ankle and my boot. These provided so much comfort and relief that I’ve since stocked up and these are, hands down, my favorite sock.

Looking to really treat the homesteader in your life?

A sawmill is a homestead investment that just keeps on giving. Being able to mill your own lumber is invaluable. But sawmills cost tens of thousands of dollars and simply aren’t in the budget for most.

Alaskan Chainsaw Mills are the solution! With a few turns of the wrench, these mills mount to a chainsaw allowing for the milling of high-quality lumber!

If your friend doesn’t have one, we can almost guarantee they want one.

One can never have too many blankets folded and available around the home.

Practical and cozy, these heavy-woven blankets are made from cotton that was grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides. (Did you know that the cotton industry is responsible for most of the pesticides used in America?! - not cozy).

Available in an array of lovely earthy tones.

I can’t even count how many years I’ve had my LED lantern (kept beside the bed), and it still burns just as bright as it always has.

Whether the power goes out and you need a strong and reliable light source, or you need to run outside in the dark to check on your animals… this is the lantern you can really count on.

Plus, the red design gives it a charming old-fashioned look :)

Traditional dinner bells add an old world charm to the homestead, and come in very useful when everyone is scattered about and the meal is ready.

This one is a fantastic price and I can’t imagine any homesteader not enjoying it.

The water filter of choice for most homesteaders, especially off-grid folks.

These countertop water filters are known to be some of the highest quality filters you can get your hands on.

They’re gravity-fed, requiring no power, just pour the water in and let time do it’s thing.

Berkey is even purported to remove fluoride from water, so these are a good addition to any health-conscious kitchen even to filter tap water through.

This handy dandy vintage glass butter churn allows you to make butter at home in under 10 minutes!

Just add heavy cream and start churning. It’s a good activity for kids, too, and adds rustic charm to any kitchen.

Kilner is a reputable brand dating back to the 1800’s so you can trust the quality.

If your homesteader friend has a woodstove or other indoor fireplace, this is an ideal gift! Firewood continuoussly has to be brought indoors and if you use your arms to carry a bundle in, you inevitably end up with bits of wood on your clothing and on the floor.

This canvas bag takes care of those dilemmas and looks good doing it!

Humans have been using clay cookware for thousands of years and it’s still the safest way to cook.

Aluminum and stick-free modern cookware have been found to release toxic chemicals into the food we eat, so clay is the healthiest route to take, and I think it adds a lovely aesthetic to the kitchen!

This black clay stew pot is just one of many items Ancient Cookware offers, so be sure to check out their full store.

Nearly every homesteader grows their own food in the form of a garden, but did you know that sprouts are one of the most potent sources of nutrition you can get!?

(Check out my post about growing broccoli sprouts in one of these little hemp sprout bags and the huge array of health benefits they offer).

So a great gift for your homesteading buddy would be a sprout bag like this and maybe even some sprouting seeds. Maybe you’ll even introduce them to something they didn’t yet know about!

So these are some ideas to get you started but the fun does not stop there ~ click on over to our Homestead Essentials page for a whole smorgasbord of gift ideas —>



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