Trail Cam Pics From Our Browning Trail Camera! (Best Trail Camera 2019 Review)

Trail Cam Pics From Our Browning Trail Camera! (Best Trail Camera 2019 Review)   EMBEDDED SCRIPTS

Want to know something NOT to do with a trail cam?

Don’t hang it low enough that wild grasses are going to grow up in front of it before you’re able to get back and check on it again.

Otherwise, you end up with 400 photos of wildlife, soooo excited because you’ve still got over 7,000 photos to look through, only to realize that those 7,000+ photos are of grass blowing in the wind for days. Nothing more.


And there are plenty more where that came from. See…

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So don’t make the mistake we made and hang your trail cam about three feet up a tree in the middle of winter (with 2 feet of snow on the ground) not anticipating that Spring will come, and it will bring with it tall grass if you aren’t going to be there to trim it down.

Aside from our own error of foresight, though, we are SO HAPPY with this trail cam. The quality of the photos is wonderful and we were able to leave it unmanned for months in a vast wilderness area with negative temperatures and harsh weather conditions, and it carried right on.

We’re using the Browning Strike Force Trail Camera with a Security Box.

Without further ado, here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure (pay no mind to the AM/PM— operator error yet again). Enjoy!

Trail Cam Pics

At first glance, we wondered if this was a wolf as we do have gray wolves in north central and northeast Washington…

But after browsing through more photos, and recognizing patterns, we realized it was a beautiful red-faced coyote.

Trudging across the tundra…mile after mile…is what this deer was doing (if you get the reference, please leave a comment saying so!)

While this Spike Elk was just taking it easy like the majestic beast that he is…

And then along came a couple of rough types, hmmm…wouldn’t wanna tangle with those two…

Back to beautiful non-human creatures and the melting of snow…

I love this foggy moment with the young buck walking into it… just beautiful isn’t it?

And look at this buck, slowly regaining health after the long winter… (is this a great quality camera or what?)…

He’s ‘lichen it’…

Oh and I forgot to show you the snow sprites whirling through! Suspicions confirmed!

And look at that sacred morning light beaming through the northern forest…

And that precious little whipper snapper down at the bottom of the frame…

And then it returns to grass for thousands of photos. Such a bummer.

But! We moved the trail cam to a new spot AND hung a sea salt block in the frame, so we’re hoping for some really interesting shots next time we go get the card. So stay tuned, I’ll share the next round of pictures here! This property is in an area with wolves, cougars, black bear, possible wolverines and grizzlies even, so the anticipation is real!

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