Autumn Hygge: Cozy Homemaking Ideas For Fall

Autumn Hygge Cozy HOmemaking Ideas For Fall Old Fashioned Homemaking Blog

‘Autumn hygge’ is a little redundant I guess. Autumn is just so inherently hygge…

I’m sure you’re familiar with the word by now, but if not —welcome to the Internet in 2019, we’re all happy you could finally make it!— hygge is just a Scandinavian word that essentially means All The Cozy Things.

It’s pronounced hoo-guh, not higgy. Trust me, according to my DNA report, I’m a good chunk Scandinavian so I know these things.

As summer is coming to a close here in the northern hemisphere, and there’s a good nip in the air now, it seems the transition to Fall is officially underway. And this brings me great joy. Summer is such an extroverted time, and I always welcome the reclusive seasons of Autumn and Winter with open arms. They feel nostalgic, deeper somehow, comforting, creative, and inspiring on all fronts.

Which is why I’ve already been adjusting the ambience in our home little by little to welcome Fall! And I’ve been enjoying myself so much that I naturally wanted to share what I’ve been up to.

I hope that you too can delight in these Small Acts of Cozy, and that they warm your heart and hearth.

Cozy Homemaking Ideas For Fall…

Let’s start right off with tea and a snack, shall we?

Hot Woodsmoke Tea

“Woodsmoke tea” is a tradition I have with two dear friends back in my home state of Kentucky. It’s Lapsang Souchong, which is a smoked black tea originating from the mountains of China. Traditionally, it’s smoked over a pine fire, giving it a distinctly smoky pine aroma. And I love it. This tea might be my spirit animal.

Check your local co-op as a lot of local health food stores will carry it in the bulk section. If not, you can order it here.

I like mine with a dash of cream.

(Healthy Dehydrated) Candied Pecans

Autumn Hygge Cozy Homemaking Ideas For Fall

I like to keep a tin on the kitchen counter with some kind of homemade goodness in it for snacking.

Right now, these dehydrated candied pecans are my favorite thing. I use a little maple syrup to add a touch of sweetness, but they’re relatively healthy! Way better than conventional candied pecans, which are absolutely delicious, but sinful!

You’ll need:

  • 2 cups of raw pecans

  • 3 T grass-fed unsalted butter (I use Finlandia), melted

  • 1/4 c maple syrup (about 4 T)

  • 1 t ground cinnamon

  • 1 t vanilla extract

  • 1/4 t sea salt

In a large mixing bowl, thoroughly combine all ingredients.

Then, spread the coated pecans over a sheet of parchment paper and put them in to dehydrate at 140 degrees (F) for about 8-10 hours.

Voila! Now fill a nice bowl with them and leave out on the counter for snacking. Sooo tasty and such an autumnal holiday flavor!

Autumn Hygge Cozy HOmemaking Ideas For Fall

I love fairy lights because you don’t have to plug them into a wall socket, causing that awkward trailing of light down to the socket. Fairy lights are battery powered and long-lasting.

I have our living room bookshelves lined with fairy lights, which stretches the whole length of one wall, and I have other strands stuffed into several wide-mouth Mason jars setting around the house, mostly lighting up otherwise dark corners. We move them around as needed— sometimes to the bed to read by, and sometimes in the guest room, really just anywhere that needs a touch of warmth.

The only thing I don’t like about fairy lights is that they have a kind of LED cool light glow to them, even the string lights I buy that say “soft warm” light have an LED-cool-white glow to them.

So, here’s a trick I use: I color each little light on the string with an orange paint marker! Voila— cozy warm glow!

Autumn Hygge Cozy HOmemaking Ideas For Fall

If you’re a follower of this blog, you know we like homestead items that also act as preparedness and off-grid essentials. These fairy lights go a really long time on one set of batteries, so they’re a great off-grid (or grid-down) light source and it’s probably a good idea to have a few strings on hand. Even if you aren’t into preparedness or don’t live off-grid, consider stocking up on some strings in case of bad winter weather causing power outages. These would help keep the light, and the cheer, throughout the home.

Beeswax Candles

Autumn Hygge Cozy Homemaking Ideas For Fall

In my book, a home cannot be cozy without beeswax candles. In these dark season evenings, our home is lit solely by fireplace and candles.

Nothing beats that old-fashioned buttery golden light and faint honey smell, not to mention that conventional candles cast chemical fragrances and even lead into the air! You can read more about that here: How To Refresh The Air In Your Home.

We stay stocked up on these beeswax candles (which is the best deal I’ve found on them), and if you want to make them— it isn’t hard! Go for it! I write more about that here: 7 Homemade Christmas Gifts (To Start Now!).

Spiced Homemade Garland

Autumn Hygge Cozy Homemaking Ideas For Fall

I first got the idea here and just made a few adjustments for the sake of frugality. Rather than twine, I used cotton yarn because I had it on hand, omitted bay leaves for cost, used a lot of apples because they’re growing abundantly outside right now, so my only cost was a bag of oranges and a bag of cinnamon sticks.

Tip: do not buy cinnamon sticks at the grocery —that would cost an arm and a leg— I found a pound of them for $12 here.

Once I had my oranges and apples dehydrated, I simply cut off a long piece of cotton yarn, ran a darning needle through one end (the larger needle you use to weave in ends when knitting), and went through the center of the apples and oranges to string them together, tying in cinnamon sticks here and there. You can arrange the pattern of the garland to your heart’s desire. When finished, knot and loop the end and hang from ceiling hooks around the home to add a lovely spicy aroma. Hanging one near the fireplace will warm the garland just enough to put off a really nice smell.

Tip: Dehydrate enough apples to have some left over as snacks— they’re wonderful dipped in almond butter!

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.
— Jim Bishop

Diffuse OnGuard

OnGuard is my favorite essential oil all year long, but especially Autumn.

Not only does it carry with it all the quintessential aromas of the season like cloves, cinnamon, and eucalyptus, but if you diffuse it in your home you’ll also put the healing properties of all of those highly medicinal ingredients into the air! With the cold and flu season approaching, this is a definite win-win. A big part of cozy homemaking means nurturing the health of the household, after all.

Take it a step further and add a drop to your water bottle, then you yourself can take on the aroma of Fall. Now we’re getting serious, dear reader, we are becoming Fall!! ;)

Bring The Harvest In

Autumn Hygge Cozy Homemaking Ideas For Fall

Autumn is harvest time. So even if you yourself aren’t growing food, your local farmer’s market and grocery will have deals on in-season crops. So stock up!

I love the look of kitchen shelves lined with wonky squashes of all sizes— warty pumpkins, cute kabocha, and delicious delicata (my favorite! cut into rings and roasted with butter and cinnamon—mmm!)

These squashes will keep well on the shelves, so you get the benefit of Autumn decor alongside a hearty side dish when you’re ready!

Turn The TV Off

We don’t have a television, so I forget that a lot of people have this huge loud blinking chaotic thing hanging on the wall. I’m sorry if that sounds pretentious, I don’t mean it that way, but there is so much that is interesting to do and think about in the world and I really feel like televisions are just a constant stream of mediocrity. So do yourself and your family a favor, and start a new habit— turn it off. Opt for family movie nights once or twice a week, and otherwise leave it off. Get creative in other ways, spend time together.

Instead, you can:

Place Comfy Throws Around

I love folding nice soft throw blankets beside or near lounging areas. A basket full of folded throws in the living room is a nice touch.

Go for Autumn colors and soft textures if possible— here’s a list of earthy organic throws if you need to stock up.

Autumn Hygge Cozy Homemaking Ideas For Fall

These are the ways I’m bringing Autumn into our home right now. Let me know your ideas!

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