We Bought Land! [An Exciting Update On Our Journey To Building An Off-Grid Homestead From Scratch, Slowly & With Cash]

Time moves slowly, and yet so fast.

It seems like we’ve been redesigning careers, working, saving money, and browsing properties for sale for an eternity, yet at the same time it feels like it was just yesterday that we even seriously set goals and began this journey to building an off-grid homestead from scratch.

If you follow this blog, you’ve watched as we setup completely new career paths, finally made the big move to this wilderness we love so dearly, and you know we’ve just been plugging away - working a lot and saving as much money as possible.

Now, a big step has been made in this overall process - WE BOUGHT LAND!

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The Best Gifts For Outdoorsy Women in 2018

As an outdoorsy woman myself, I figured I was well-suited for the task of creating a gift guide for other women who spend as much time as they can outdoors - hiking, camping, backpacking, or doing work on the homestead.

I’ve made sure to include a wide range of ideas and cater to all budgets so hopefully you can find something on this list that’s just right, or at the very least - sparks another idea.

These gifts are some of my personal favorites, proven to be useful in the outdoors (and some of them are just plain fun!).

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Our Favorite Cold Weather Hunting Gear [2018 - Husband & Wife]

Here in the Inland Northwest, nighttime lows have been in the 30’s and 40’s since early September.

These sudden low temps have been a strong reminder of what’s to come.

We’ve been hustling to get our living quarters winterized, find a 4wd vehicle, and switch out summer clothes for winter gear at our storage unit.

I say winter gear rather than winter clothes because in this climate - far colder than many parts of Alaska - once the snow falls, it doesn’t go anywhere, it just builds and builds as the season progresses. So, doing anything outdoors requires a great deal of preparation.

But sitting silent and still in such cold extreme temperatures (e.g. hunting!) is a whole other level and demands the proper apparel, otherwise you’re going to have a miserable and short-lived experience.

Personally, I don’t do much hunting at this point in life. But I do go along with my husband because I enjoy it (and seem to have a sharp eagle eye!). And nothing ruins a hunt quicker than getting cold, for either of us.

So this article is to list the hunting gear we rely on to keep us warm and alert.

Hope you find it useful & please add your own recommendations in the comments. Our wardrobe is always evolving :D

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Nourishing Yourself Throughout Wildfire Season - Staying Healthy Amidst The Smoke

Here in the inland northwest, we've been cloaked in hazardous levels of smoke. We're not alone - most of the northwest, from the coast across parts of British Columbia and into Idaho and Montana, are experiencing the same conditions. 

Originally from eastern America, this is new to me. In the past, I imagined that the fires themselves were the real threat. But it seems the smoke is actually the biggest threat to humans.

We have all been warned to stay indoors, batten down the hatches, and if we must venture outdoors to wear N95 repirator masks.

It's a claustrophobic and neurotic feeling for all of us, wildlife included. The longing for rain and crisp mountain air to return can be felt like real hunger.

Despite staying inside as much as possible, most of us inevitably venture outside anyway, figuring "Oh it'll be fine..." but problems associated with wildfire smoke inhalation may not surface as disease for years and years. I don't know about you, but a breathing disease is one of the many things I'd like to avoid if possible.

So I took advantage of all of this indoor time to research detoxing the body after wildfire exposure, primarily smoke inhalation. I uncovered a lot of natural treatment strategies that my husband and I have been enacting daily. 

I figured with so many of us impacted by these wildfires, and having inhaled tiny particles into the depths of our lungs, I'd share my findings with everyone in hopes we can give our bodies a hand in dealing with this extreme pollution in the best way possible. 

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A 2018 Gift Guide For Rugged (Yet Refined) Outdoorsmen

As an outdoorswoman myself, who is married to the ultimate outdoorsman and preparedness guru - I can tell you a thousand unique gifts for the outdoorsy fellow in your life. 

This list focuses on nice gifts; this is not a wilderness survival gear checklist (though many of these items would be good to have in those scenarios) and this list is not focused on outdoorswomen (though many of these gifts would be highly coveted by her, too). Those lists are coming soon, so stay tuned!

But for now, let's pick out a good gift for that man in your life who loves the outdoors - friend, husband, boyfriend, father - a gift that will make him shake his head and sincerely say, "Wow!.... Thank you!"

I've made sure to include a variety of price points to fit any budget, while not skimping on value. Rest assured, these are all high-quality, top of the line, outdoors products and any avid outdoorsman would agree. You won't see any products below that we ourselves don't own and love. 

Now let's get shopping! (Isn't gift-giving fun!?)

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The Languid Hum of Midsummer (& a Daily Life Vlog!)

The oppressive dry heat of summer drones on, and we look for ways - both old and new - to douse our spirits. Cold mountain lakes and a deep dive into the captivating subtleties of everyday life with our first ever vlog!

Let me know what you think of it… & let me know how you’re staying inspired this summer, too…

x Tiffany

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Should-less Sundays (and My Wild Huckleberry & Maple Scone Recipe!)

Sunday morning I made the mistake of checking my email soon after waking. I know better, but I did it anyway. And of course, there were a couple of emails from clients needing me to do things, and of course, I felt my people pleasing strings tug at me hard to fulfill, to satisfy, to fix

But [ah, years of deep inner work does pay off] I was able to gently remind myself that today is Sunday and no, today was not for work and meeting demands and shoulds. In fact, how about we just designate today Should-less Sunday? What would that look like? 

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Following The Berries

Projects underway, summer underway, forest foraging, and thoughts about it all.
This week’s glimpse into life here in the Washington wilderness.

Enjoy x

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Status Update On Our Homestead Journey: Current Setup as of June 2018

One of the primary reasons for ever starting this blog was to give a more transparent look into what it takes (or at least - what it has taken us) to build an off-grid homestead from scratch.  

So many of the off-grid homesteading blogs out there are people who are already doing it, they're on their homestead living the wonderful homestead-y life. But we, along with many of you, simply aren't to that stage yet.

We're in the very beginning of this transition, which - unless you have a lot of money - can be a lengthy process. 

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Our 6 Favorite Off-Grid & Wilderness Living Documentaries

Maybe off-grid living and wilderness living are lifestyles you simply enjoy watching other people do. 

Or maybe you yourself plan to live off-grid in the wilderness in the future! 

Either way, I think you'll agree that sometimes inspiration is needed. 

There are days when traffic jams and the smell of car exhaust and the heat of inner-city asphalt or the monotonous clocking in and clocking out of daily life get to be just alittle too much. 

We get it. Oh do we get it. 

Having just moved to the wilderness, the memories of fast-paced life in the gray world are still fresh on our heels. 

Watching documentaries about off-grid living, wilderness living, homesteading, old ways, and things of this sort were always a soothing balm for us when we longed for the big quiet wilderness but were stuck in suburbia of eastern America. 

So for anyone else looking to add some fuel to the inspiration fire, here is what we recommend you watch! Pop some popcorn, put on the kettle, and cozy up for a wilderness retreat in your own living room!

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