Our Favorite Cold Weather Hunting Gear [2018 - Husband & Wife]

Here in the Inland Northwest, nighttime lows have been in the 30’s and 40’s since early September.

These sudden low temps have been a strong reminder of what’s to come.

We’ve been hustling to get our living quarters winterized, find a 4wd vehicle, and switch out summer clothes for winter gear at our storage unit.

I say winter gear rather than winter clothes because in this climate - far colder than many parts of Alaska - once the snow falls, it doesn’t go anywhere, it just builds and builds as the season progresses. So, doing anything outdoors requires a great deal of preparation.

But sitting silent and still in such cold extreme temperatures (e.g. hunting!) is a whole other level and demands the proper apparel, otherwise you’re going to have a miserable and short-lived experience.

Personally, I don’t do much hunting at this point in life. But I do go along with my husband because I enjoy it (and seem to have a sharp eagle eye!). And nothing ruins a hunt quicker than getting cold, for either of us.

So this article is to list the hunting gear we rely on to keep us warm and alert.

Hope you find it useful & please add your own recommendations in the comments. Our wardrobe is always evolving :D

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The Languid Hum of Midsummer (& a Daily Life Vlog!)

The oppressive dry heat of summer drones on, and we look for ways - both old and new - to douse our spirits. Cold mountain lakes and a deep dive into the captivating subtleties of everyday life with our first ever vlog!

Let me know what you think of it… & let me know how you’re staying inspired this summer, too…

x Tiffany

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Should-less Sundays (and My Wild Huckleberry & Maple Scone Recipe!)

Sunday morning I made the mistake of checking my email soon after waking. I know better, but I did it anyway. And of course, there were a couple of emails from clients needing me to do things, and of course, I felt my people pleasing strings tug at me hard to fulfill, to satisfy, to fix

But [ah, years of deep inner work does pay off] I was able to gently remind myself that today is Sunday and no, today was not for work and meeting demands and shoulds. In fact, how about we just designate today Should-less Sunday? What would that look like? 

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Following The Berries

Projects underway, summer underway, forest foraging, and thoughts about it all.
This week’s glimpse into life here in the Washington wilderness.

Enjoy x

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