Homemade Medicine: The Easiest Way To Grow Your Own Broccoli Sprouts In A Bag (For Depression, Brain Health, Cancer Prevention, Anti-Aging, & More)


As a long-time follower - I think appreciator is a better word - of Dr. Rhonda Patrick, who is just as geeky as I about nutrigenomics (the impact that diet has on genetic expression), except far more qualified to speak on the topic, I came to really value broccoli sprouts. 

If you're at all familiar with Dr. Patrick's research, odds are you consume these powerful sprouts on the regular, too! 

Grow Your Own Broccoli Sprouts Using a Sproutman Bag At Home, Broccoli Sprouts Recipe, Dr. Rhonda Patrick Broccoli Sprouts

Here are a few examples of the power of broccoli sprouts:

  • Ease autism symptoms

  • Potential to stop cancer growth (by destroying damaged cells)

  • Potent protector against prostate and colon cancer

  • Prevent heart disease (by decreasing high blood pressure)

  • Shown to be as effective as the commonly used drug Metformin for Type 2 diabetics to control blood glucose levels (and without all the side effects!)

  • Shown to be as effective as Prozac for anxiety & depression

  • And so much more. Instead of bullet point an exhaustive list, I'll direct you to this terrific resource if you're interested in learning more of the incredible health benefits of broccoli sprouts. Here is another great resource summarizing some of Dr. Patrick's research.

These sprouts are so healthy for us because they contain abundant amounts of a compound called sulforaphane. 

And if you're really into learning about this sort of thing, I recommend playing this video while you go about your chores. Dr. Patrick herself explains in-depth why you should definitely be consuming sulforaphane. 

If you just want to get straight to the point and start growing your own sprouts right now, guaranteeing affordability, quality, and continuous availability of sprouts, here is an easy instructional I put together: 


Grow Your Own Broccoli Sprouts At Home Using A Bag


  1. A Sproutman bag

  2. Broccoli seeds for sprouting

Before beginning, soak 2-3 TBSP of broccoli sprouting seeds for 8 hours in a container with a lid. This is how many you sprout at one time. Yes! A little goes a long way :)

STEP 1: sterilize your bag by submerging it in boiling water for about 10 minutes

STEP 2: Ring out wet bag and add your presoaked broccoli sprouting seeds (2-3 TBSP)

STEP 3: Soak bag with seeds in it making sure to be thorough (I do this by using the spray nozzle on the kitchen faucet and evenly spraying both sides of the bag through & through, making sure to mind the drawstring opening & keep the bag upright so that seeds don't spill out)

STEP 4: Let the bag drain in a dish rack, a strainer, or something similar (just long enough so that it isn't dripping incessantly)

STEP 5: Hang the bag in a window (I attached one of those Command hooks to a window, and placed a towel in the floor below to catch any residual dripping)

STEP 6: Rinse and repeat (literally). You'll rinse the bag through & through every 12 hours on average making sure the seeds don't dry out, then drain and return to the window

Your sprouts will be ready to eat in about 5-6 days! You can store them in a refrigerator for about one week.


In good health, 

x Tiffany




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