The Best Gifts For Rugged (Yet Refined) Outdoorsmen (in 2019)

As an outdoorswoman myself, who is married to the ultimate outdoorsman and preparedness guru - I can tell you a thousand unique gifts for the outdoorsy fellow in your life. 

This list focuses on nice gifts; this is not a wilderness survival gear checklist (though many of these items would be good to have in those scenarios) and this list is not focused on outdoorswomen (though many of these gifts would be highly coveted by her, too). Those lists are coming soon, so stay tuned!

But for now, let's pick out a good gift for that man in your life who loves the outdoors - friend, husband, boyfriend, father - a gift that will make him shake his head and sincerely say, "Wow!.... Thank you!"

I've made sure to include a variety of price points to fit any budget, while not skimping on value. Rest assured, these are all high-quality, top of the line, outdoors products and any avid outdoorsman would agree. You won't see any products below that we ourselves don't own and love. 

Now let's get shopping! (Isn't gift-giving fun!?)

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My Favorite (Non-Fiction) Books About Living in the Wilderness

My fascination with remote wilderness living started around 2009.

By 2010, I was living in a log cabin on 30 acres which were landlocked within 300 acres belonging to a Zen monastery. Though we were not part of the monastery, their quiet acreage which was essentially a nature preserve, served as a really nice buffer. The driveway was 3 miles long and I considered myself to be living a very remote lifestyle there in northern Kentucky.

Now that I’ve traveled and spent a lot of time out in the vast West of America, living in places like northeast Washington state, and purchasing land in the Okanogan Highlands there, with 3 people per square mile… my idea of remote has changed drastically. Nowadays I would call that experience in northern Kentucky “rural” or “bucolic” but not necessarily remote.

But it was in 2010, living out in this bucolic and quiet log cabin in northern Kentucky, that I really started getting into reading about people who were eking out a life in the wilderness, further removed from societal influences, and I’ve been captivated by this topic ever since. It resonates deeply for me and is a big part of how I have decided to construct my own life.

Now, especially, as we live a “normal life” again in western Washington, books about wilderness living and homesteading in the wilderness are salves for my spirit.

So I decided to share a list here of the books I have really enjoyed in this genre, and hopefully some of you can offer me recommendations in the comments section at the bottom of this post. Got to keep the inspiration fires stoked, don’t we? :)

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The Best Prepper Books: Essential Must-Haves For Survival

The amount of survival and emergency preparedness books in existence is overwhelming.

While I think this massive variety is a great thing, it can also be a little distracting.

In a true grid-down emergency scenario where you and your family need to focus on immediate survival, a huge percentage of the “prepping” books won’t be of use until much, much later.

This post is meant to highlight the most essential books, in my opinion, that you should have in your library to increase your chances of survival right after a breakdown of societal structure.

The focus is on procuring food and knowing how to tend to medical issues that may arise. It doesn’t matter how much food and water you have stored if an infection from a small cut leads to blood poisoning that kills you or a loved one, a terror that is preventable with the right knowledge.

So without further ado, here are the books I think we will all wish we had in a survival situation.

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